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>> new fallout from the u.s. and scandal says the nsa hacked into cables used by internet giants of yahoo! and google. a new blow to barack obama's signature health-care reform after the troubled rollout of the website, announcing some americans already insured could lose the policies they have. and french football players threatened to go on strike over plans for a new super tax on the richest people in france. let's aw at this hour, star with the latest leak from former nsa contractor edward snowden. says theington post"
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national security agency has been hacking be data links that connect google and yahoo! around the world. laways the agency skirt the by collecting data from millions of local web users via underwater fiber-optic cables. kate moody explains. >> world leaders, foreign citizens, and internet giants, the latest victims of the national security agency's surveillance programs according to intelligence linked by edward snowden. the nsa has admitted to the program to access internet user accounts but described new reports that infiltrated yahoo! and google databases as factually incorrect. breakings not an essay into any databases. it would be illegal for us to do that. -- does collect information on terrorists and our national intelligence priorities, but we are not authorized to go into a u.s. company's servers and take data. we have to go to a court process
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for doing that. >> but the "washington post" says there is more to the story, reporting details of a separate over program-- nsa dubbed muscular. fiber-optic cables that connect the databases on four continents, collecting information including text, audio, and video. u.s. law forbids the government from explicitly spying on u.s. citizens on american soil without a court order. the cables crisscross under international waters, allowing the nsa to bypass that restriction. deniedogle and yahoo! allowing the government to collect their clients' data. >> we are outraged. >> it is unlike this to be the last snowden bombshell. himselfcan and the pope were also reportedly under surveillance.
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our international affairs editor douglas herbert has more on the reaction from google and yahoo! surrounding this latest controversy. >> they way it works right now in the u.s. as we are not reported to have a court, it is the foreignisc, intelligence surveillance court, and essentially yahoo! and google have been forced to hand over a lot of their data to u.s. onlyrities, to the nsa, under a court warrant approved by this court. here is where the problem comes into being. those legal restrictions only apply to users who reside on the territory of the united states. what this report says is basically that the nsa has been going through servers around the world because of course google, yahoo!, others among them who were not in the report have a lot of servers not just on u.s. soil but all over the place. many are in europe. what the nsa effectively is allegedly doing is by tapping into those servers on foreign territories, it is not subject to the u.s. court. it is not subject to any
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restrictions or at least very loose restrictions, very weak oversight. essentially.g them what they are doing it by tapping into this data, into the servers, these centers in europe, you are scooping up millions and millions of records. video, can contain text, audio, all the stuff that you sent back and forth. sure, they say that their job is to get only foreigners, suspected foreigner's intelligence, but of course there are a lot of u.s. users. vested dragnet of information being scooped up. beyond the jurisdiction of any as resume orsuch any warrant in the u.s. and here they are getting the information and using it at they want. that is why it is traffic that story by the "washington post," that is what is outraging people. not only did the nsa allegedly do this, but they are taking it pretty lightly. they think it is funny that they
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were able to get around all these restrictions. >> the nsa spying scandal is not the only problem at the moment for barack obama in the u.s. it has been one issue after another for his social -- his health care reform. first there was a bungled and buggy rollout of the website meant to get millions of americans health insurance, and now it seems some people may lose the policies they have already. we explain. >> barack obama is forced to stand up for his health care reform yet again. he promised americans would be able to keep their existing insurance if they wanted, but hundreds of thousands of u.s. citizens would lose policies if they do not provide enough basic cover under the new law. the u.s. president urged people to shop around for a better deal. >> almost all insurers are encouraging people to encourage -- to join better plants from the same carrier in stronger benefits and stronger protection while others will be able to get better plants with new carriers through the marketplace.
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many people will get new help to play for these better plans and make them actually cheaper. >> cheaper for those of low income and only the states which accepted federal funding to expand the medicaid programs designed to help them. that said, even if the government health care portals makes shopping for health care easy, the bugs in the rollout earlier this month have prevented them from even connecting. >> in these early weeks, access to has been a miserably frustrating experience for way too many americans. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. and i am committed to earning your confidence back by fixing besides. >> the administration certainly seems to have its work cut out for a wednesday poll shows obama's approval rating is the lowest it has ever been at just 42%. france,here in president francois hollande has been facing the lowest approval rating of any french president ever.
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the release of four french hostages held for over three years stomach it might give a boost to do his popularity, but controversy surrounding that release could give the government another role -- a b low. ransommillion dollar you was paid to free the mentored authorities in both france and the area where the hostages were held have denied that claim. says --dent of niger release for the release of four french captives held for years. he says he works for months to bring the kidnappers in negotiations together, but there is a question over what finally brought the men home. did the french government pay a ransom? the foreign minister has answered with an empathic no. >> france and not pay rebels. i want to be clear on that. this is the order the president gave and it was respected. no public money was transferred. >> the president of niger has
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also denied that any money changed hands, but french daily otherwise, that they pay 20 million euros in exchange for the gps court minutes of the kidnapped man's location in the desert. om paying the rans guarantees that there will be more hostages. it tells the people that there is money. >> the policy is to never pay a ransom to endboard -- to avoid encouraging the kidnapping industry. an industry that has put millions of dollars in the coffers in the last two years. >> next, the international chemical weapons watchdog says syria has destroyed all of its declared chemical weapons production and mixing facilities. that means the country has met a major deadline in the ambitious program to get rid of its chemical weapons. syria agreed to destroy those arms as part of a deal brokered
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by brescia in the u.s., but there is a ways to go. under the terms of the deal, syria must destroy all its chemical weapons by the middle of next year. in other news out of syria, a polish photographer kidnapped their three months ago has managed to escape. he is already back home in poland. no details have been given so far as just how he was able to escape after being abducted by masked gunmen during a raid on a media center in the province. here is other news stories we're covering for you this hour. what could be a crucial moment in the rebellion of the democratic republic of congo. government fighters backed by the u.n. have retaken the town of boone the gun appeared that happened the same day of the and m23 rebels. the fall comes a day of the un's peacekeeping mission there. it signals a military end of m 23.
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leaders stops arriving -- top surviving leaders refuse to admit yields at the end of their two-year trial. it is been billed as the chance for reconciliation. prosecutors are demanding life imprisonment for brother number two and ex head of state for the field everilling atrocities which leapt up to 2 million dead in the 1970's. their defiance angered be victims of the brutal regime. bad news for the euro zone -- the unemployment rate at 12.2% for two months in a row. that is a new record. 60,000 europeans lost their jobs last month alone, but when it comes to inflation, that hit a four-year low dropping below 1% . french mobile players are threatening to go on strike. they say they could cancel matches after the last weekend in november over plans for a new super tax on the wealthiest people of france. the government is planning a 75%
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tax on people earning more than one million euros, and it wants the employers, and is quite the football clubs, to pay up. today, the president, friends isle on -- francois hollande meeting with them for a solution. join us as a political erector -- is a political director. what kind of reactions to the fans have for the tax proposals? do the french believe they are paid too much and should pay more tax? this is prettyt popular for the french for the moment because of a lot of people think that people should pay more. but at the same time, it is clear that the french don't really understand why it should -- you pay the tax and not the people that are in the money.
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think these opinions in the french political opinion, which can go in favor or against the government in this issue. >> the heads of the football club are meeting with the president today. francois hollande has already backed off of the eco-tax on the former trustee or could he back down on this one as well? >> no, it is very difficult to imagine he would withdraw on this tax. withdrawn has already and he has also withdrawn some measures on financial products. so i think it is difficult, and i think the majority of the social response would not expect -- would not accept a new route draw on this tax. >> his popularity is at an all- time low for almost any french president. fourhe relief of the
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french hostages after years in captivity a few days ago give the rich president in much- needed bump in the polls? >> i don't think so because we are feeling the vast -- with the deliberation, even with hollan with the liberation in syria, never affected his popularity of the president. so i think what is really important now for the french is in a serious situation, issues and economic issues they're facing, i don't think it will favor on his popularity. >> thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, bruno jeanbart of the polling institute opinion way. and moment of controversy in football. that is the statue of the headbutting of an opponent. it does draw criticism, so much to the point that that statue has been removed from its qataral by authorities in
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where it was feared and muslim conservative in the emirate has had a breached islamic rules and that it encouraged idolization. the five meter statute by an algerian artist is now expected to be shown in an inside exhibition by the qatar museum authority. we will leave you now at this. today is halloween and, and while millions of children around the world will be screaming for candy, here in france the focuses more on chocolate. lots of chocolate. show iswhat the annual about. it features all kinds of thousand and including chocolate dresses. as you look at that fashion show, you will see every one of those dresses is made out of, you guessed it, chocolate. ♪ we will leave you with that. you're watching "france 24." stay tuned.
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>> elsewhere in the french tuesday shock results in the division, the league went i flowers -- went highfliers, 1-0 as well.
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he has committed itself to the club until 2018 after signing a two-year contract extension. since arriving in 2008, he -- leagueback-to-back champion final. happy to speak of any suitors to continue the project. >> this is exciting. here it is a sign. that is i would like to see it. a sign that in the next few years, if someone tries to coach then they know, they cannot until 2018. nothing we can imagine which would separate me. it is reported that we give the signal from our side, too. againstnal victories other teams who leslie. -- last week.
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at the paris masters, open to an unprecedented six masters titles this season. they were targets the world number 39. after breaking a 5-0. a similar story in the second. madrid, rome, montréal, cincinnati masters, forced a grand and against a quickie opponent. 5-0 in the second. one hour and 42 minutes. next up, runner-up in the last 16. >> it was a tough match. he is a pretty good player. he knows how to break the rhythm.
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he hit all the things well. i did not play one of my best matches. >> adele has yet to win the top in his career. frederick lynch's place at the world tour finals in london -- clinched his legs at the world tour finals in london. 21 serves. eight anderson. a closer than 6-4 in one hour and 23 minutes. security claims the record store time. >> i'm very happy. i think it is my 12 time i've
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qualify for the world tour titles, and i have been able to win six. it is such a prestigious event, and it was one of the goals i set for myself at the beginning of the season, so not i have made, it is a huge relief for me because it has been a tough season. nevertheless, i made it, and i am looking forward to the 02, no doubt about that. , the writer riderted to doping -- admitted to doping. he was a teammate of lance armstrong. the leag hasue -- the league has strong anti-doping stance. ♪
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the newspapers here in france continue to react to the release of those four french hostages held by al qaeda. >> that is right. they talk about the joy of the return. this brilliant, moving photo of one of the hostages, daniel larribe, being reunited with his family. the four men have a lot of catching up to do because they have been virtually cut off from the world for three years. the "huffington post" takes a look at everything they will discover that has changed. some of them had access to the radio, but some are 100% cut off from the world for three years. points outgton post" that a lot of change. in france, the government. they might have been surprised to see francois hollande, but also everyday things. lou reed, steve jobs, and bin laden are dead, will and kate had a baby, burger king is back in france, and the article says that one of the most surprising
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things, what might be the big shot, is when they find out that a new football club in france. >> a lot on the negotiations behind their release as well. >> that is right. we will take a look at the secrets of the negotiation and of course the key question, was a ransom paid? the government continues to say no, a ransom was not paid. "le monde"y -- but says some sort of ransom was paid. a ransom that was worth more than 20 million euros, according to "le monde." they take a look at the closer look at the questions around this ransom. some ransom was paid or ispensation, though it unclear who played this conversation, whether it was the government or the employers of the hostages. "liberation," l,
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trapnde has fallen into a because he said there will be a clear change in policy that ransoms would not be paid, he would not given to the blackmail of hostage takers, he did not want to finance international terrorism. it was a real risk to make such a promise because a ransom was paid, and so it looks like he did not keep his word. critics will say that this is the latest in a long list of has not that hollande been keeping. "liberation" says this was forosed to be a victory him but he comes out looking bad. >> from one scandal to another, this time in another magazine. .igging up the dirt >> they are calling this a black sale, investigating illegally. you can read all about it this
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week. this was a secret cell that was digging around in private archives, and this article says that they were not the only one, also imf chief, the former interior minister cut a deal. they and i this and said -- the agency denies this and says all the investigation they were doing was in accordance with the law, the research as a cause it was 100% legal. >> i knew francois hollande story today, he is meeting with the head of the french football clubs. >> that is right. the club owners have vowed to go on strike over this tax. stand hiss going to ground because he has really been drawing a lot of criticism recently for backtracking on a lot of his policies since the road tax, eco-tax and he came back on. a lot of people are saying this is making him look quite weak, but they say the sun he is not
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going to budge, he is going to tell club owners that they have to dig into their pockets because all this backpedaling has a cost. calculator out their and calculated just with the cost is, and they say it is 2 that theuros government could have made if it did not do all this backtracking. >> let's go to a wider appeal, shall we? a trip to outer space shared rex that his record let's not talk about hostages or taxes. looking at the planets and the stars. it is the end of the year gala. the european telescope will be launched into outer space. we will take a look at what astronomers are looking to discover. 1000 planets have already been discovered, but astronomers say there are billions more. extrasolar moons and things like that. astronomers say they are hoping to get to the edge of our galaxy and perhaps a little beyon d. >> fascinating stuff, isn't it?
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♪ onlyis is south africa's school for pregnant teenagers. at the pretoria hospital school, to getnt moms begin the school they need. 20.r ages range from 13 to this 18-year-old fell pregnant last year and found life at her old school impossible. >> i was very moody. i do not want anybody around here if i smelled something, i dispel a guide -- i just felt like i would go up. my feet would swell, and i would just want to sleep. and it would be like no sleeping
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in class. >> things in proof when she -- things improved when she transferred to pretoria hospital school. >> it is nice to wake up and know that there are other girls were pregnant, too. not like at the other school where people look at you and think you are different. >> 9000 schoolgirls became pregnant south africa in 2011, just under 59%. government policy requires schools to keep expectant mothers in class, but many expel girls who are pregnant or put pressure on them to drop out. prefer to seeould ordinary schools being more inclusive. girls back in school, during pregnancy and after pregnancy, they still interact with young people who are not pregnant. , andne can be influenced they can influence others positively. once you take them away from that space, it is almost like a special condition that they have to be treated differently. >> even at editorial hospital
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school, dropout rates are a problem. pretoria hospital school, dropout rates are a problem. most of the girls to it through their exams. 53 final, 43 of the year students pass, including 17 went on to university. >> we want these girls to be able to finish their school careers without having to due topt their education unexpected baby. upper 100 people in world, thousands of girls have for the over 100 people enrolled, thousands of girls across south africa to not have the opportunity. many pregnant teens just need a helping hand to stay in school.
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